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Useful Links

Links for Clearance Processing

These links will take you to all the necessary resources you need in order to apply to Substitute Teacher Services.

PA Act 34   PA State Police Clearance: ($22.00)  Must select EMPLOYMENT for Reason for Request

PA Act 151  Child Abuse: ($13.00) Must select EMPLOYMENT for Reason for Request

PA Act 114   FBI Fingerprinting: ($26.20)

*Instructions for FBI Fingerprinting click here (CODE: 1KG6XN)

***Within 24-48 hours you will be emailed your unofficial results from PA Safecheck. After you click the link in your email, you will only have 1 chance to save(as PDF) or print your FBI Fingerprinting results. Afterwards, you will not have access to the results. Please save the receipt that was given to you at the time of your fingerprinting. This can be used as a placeholder of the clearance for 30 days.***


Other Useful Links


STS Employee Portal   Access the STS Employee Portal

Frontline (Aesop)  Access the Frontline web app

Red Rover  Access the Red Rover web app

Paychex Flex   Access the Paychex web app

TIMS   Teacher Certification Application System 

PERMS   Professional Education Record Management System 

Apply Here   View all available STS Jobs

School Districts   View Information about all the STS School Districts

About   Learn about STS and our mission

Contact   Our contact page